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About Us

Thank you for visiting Contacto Japan! Our company is a dealership located in the heart of    Tokyo and we have specialized in the supply of automobiles and equpiment from Japanese auctions to foreign markets since 2003. Our staff is dedicated to ensure quality inspections of the vehicles that we purchase for our customers and also in providing the best shipping terms tailored to the clients needs.

We are able to supply a wide range of vehicles for whatever you or your business may require. Our goal is to reach our customer's expectations and provide the best possible service delivered on time.

Best Wishes,

Ryoko Fujiwara
CEO, Contacto Japan Inc.


Staff Profiles:

Kenji Fujiwara - Operations Manager, Founder of Contacto Japan

Kenji has been in the business for over 10 years. He gained much professional experience working under large trading houses before becoming independent. As a result Kenji has developed many connections in the business that will ultimately benefit the Client.


Contact info: kenji@contacto.jp


Takumi Fujiwara - Regional Manager, Founder of Contacto Japan

Takumi's area of expertise is in the American and South American market. He is in charge of contacting new customers and meeting them in person, also in charge of sales and helping customers with the import process. JDM trader since 2012.


Contact info: takumi@contacto.jp

Canaan Li - IT, Business Consultant

Prior to Joining Contacto Japan, Canaan was an independant importer operating in Canada. Understanding the perspective of the importer side, he now focuses on enhancing the experience of the importer (client) while streamlining company operations to improve efficiency and service.


Contact info: canaan@contacto.jp 





Terms and Conditions

In order for your car purchase from Contacto Japan to go as smoothly as possible we have set up the following guidelines and terms of trading. If there is anything you are unsure of please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.


We require 100% payment prior to shipping.


Our Auction Fee

The standard auction fee for dealers is from 100,000 to 150,000 Yen depending on the value and volume of cars purchased. The auction fee for a one off retail customer requiring instruction from start to end of the export process is 150,0000 Yen. Higher end, more expensive cars will attract a higher fee as negotiated prior to sale. This fee covers basic auction fees, inland transport, customs clearance, GST and road tax reclaimation and paperwork fees as well as our own profit. Please note however that this standard fee only covers our member auctions in the Tokyo area where we are based. Any cars bought outside of Tokyo may incur excess inland transport to Yokohama or other destination ports. Auction fees and buyer advocate fees may also vary depending on through which system the car is purchased. We will endevour to explain all fees prior to each individual purchase and in any case will make sure the total cost is always equal or below the FOB budget given.


Negotiating on Cars from Local Dealer Yards

In the case of cars we buy on negotiation from Japanese dealer yards our standard fee is the yard price plus 150,000 Yen for the FOB. This fee covers all the extra work involved in negotiating the sale plus most extra transport involved due to remote locations and sending a car carrier out to tranport a single car to the nearest port. If the car is in a really remote location such as Okinawa or Hokkaido we will quote accordingly. Please note that not all Japanese car dealers are willing to sell cars for export as many make their margins on the on road costs when a domestic sale is made. The cars we list on our site as dealer cars are those whose yard owners we have contacted and they have expressed agreement to sell for export at the given price.


Payments and Order Cancellations

Once a car in our stock or a car from Auction has been purchased full payment must be completed within two days. A Telegraphic Transfer/ Bank Transfer receipt must be faxed to us as soon as the payment has been made.

An auction deposit is refundable prior to purchase but if the customer requests a refund for what any reason, 10 000 Yen will be deducted to cover phone calls and admin costs. Refunds will always be made minus bank charges required for the transfer.


Cancellations are not possible after a purchase from an auction. Please be certain about any purchase before giving the go ahead for us to bid on your behalf.


Account #: 3880171
Country: JAPAN